Devil Docs

Corpsman Up! Watch Devil Docs Jessica Mandala has been…

Checkpoint Charlie Season 2

Turn in your gun... Jack…

The Bet, Starring Rachel Alig

"My whole life is a bet." Rachel Alig has been one of our…

Combat Sports Network | Covering the Most Dangerous Game on Earth

"You miss 100% of the gunshots you don’t take."- Wayne Grenadesky Combat…

Team BAMF | One fireteam. Seven months. Endless absurdity.

"What about my fuckin' pocket pussy!?"- LCpl Kelly, the senior…
Recruiters: Mission First by VET Tv

[Series Premiere] Recruiters: Mission First

“The recruiting duty mission is to find qualified men and women…
Camp Pendelton Gate

Scantily Clad Marines Cause Numerous Accidents on I-5

In a scene straight out of a pornographic version of Grease,…

Bootcamp Photos

Submit your photos from Bootcamp to be featured in VET Tv's next…


Somewhere on a Saturday in the field in 29 Palms. Boot…
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Unprecedented VA ruling on Veteran Status

In an unexpected turn of events the Veteran's Administration…