About Us

Mission Statement:
VET Tv makes entertainment that recreates and parodies the military experience in order to promote camaraderie and prevent veteran suicide.

Vision Statement:
VET Tv will have at least one TV show made specifically about and for every MOS in the military.

Veteran Entertainment Television is an SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) whose mission is to recreate and parody the military experience through original tv series, feature films, and shorts. We currently have 9 original tv series and produce a new series every month. Subscribers are able to stream our content on our website (www.veterantv.tv), or they can download our app in the App Store, Google Play Store, and ROKU. 

Founded by a group of military veterans, in July 2016, we realized there was a gap in the market for entertainment created for the military community. Whereas Hollywood is littered with civilians creating entertainment about the military for the civilian population, we are veterans creating entertainment specifically for the military community. Bigger than an entertainment company, we have built a community of loyal active duty service members and veterans who enjoy reminiscing and laughing about their military experience.

The number one cause of veteran suicide is social isolation. Think of Brooks Hatlen at the end of Shawshank Redemption, by being released from prison he was cut off from his family and hung himself. By re-creating the military experience, VET Tv is able to shine a comedic light on the most life-changing time in their life while also creating a digital community that lets them know they are not alone.

What’s being said?

“This is long overdue! Veterans want to see REAL (not the Hollywood) version of war stories; The “tortured warfighter” thing is getting old. Enough is enough, we need entertainment made for us.”

TonyMarine Airwing

“I’ve literally been talking about this exact fuckin’ thing since I was a boot on ship. Thank God someone’s finally making it happen.”

MikeNavy Coxswain

“I’ve never met a military guy who hasn’t thought of a network for veterans only. It just makes sense.”

SteveArmy Medic

“Despite what the general public would like to believe, we are not the greatest generation. We are cocky, perverted, and bloodthirsty- we are generation kill.”

SamMarine Grunt

“Hollywood doesn’t make shows FOR veterans because the veteran market is too small for them to give a shit about it. Instead Hollywood makes shows for civilians ABOUT veterans.”‘

PeterArmy Engineer

“Unfortunately for us, Hollywood doesn’t accurately depict us because civilians don’t want to watch who we really are. They want to keep their image of veterans to be just like the commercials, but as we all know, we’re nothing like the commercials.”

KyleNavy Seabee