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The show is set in the Helmand Province of Iraq in 2008 and will showcase a very real glimpse into the minds of combat hardened service members and demonstrate the humor they must maintain to keep up with the miserable conditions. Filming will end on August 4, 2017.


It’s been said that the shared camaraderie between veterans is one that can’t be understood by most unless you’ve lived it. The depraved humor, the endless boredom waiting on orders, working in arduous conditions with sometimes less than leadership… but now those who lived it and those still in the suck can laugh about the challenges and lifestyle faced in the military.

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Is there a dark, off-color, irreverent humor that’s specific to military veterans? A former Camp Pendleton Marine officer is putting money on it. Danny Maher and his partners — including nearly $300,000 raised through a Kickstarter campaign — are launching Veteran Television on Friday. The streaming entertainment service is hoping to be a Comedy Central-like watching experience for post-Sept. 11 veterans, delivered in a Netflix-style subscription platform.

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San Diego, CA– Veteran Television (VET Tv) is launching the Netflix of the military. The upcoming launch is slated for Friday, June 23, 2017.

By raising $296,331, VET Tv is the third highest funded comedy project in Kickstarter history. With a projection of over 50,000 new subscribers within the first 24 hours, VET Tv would become the fastest growing subscription video service and one of the largest independently owned subscription video services in the country….

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San Diego — VET Tv will premiere the first episode of “Kill, Die, Laugh” on the VHX platform, a digital distribution platform. Anyone wanting to see the raw and gritty side of the military and not the watered-down, Hollywood version, can go to veterantv.com to subscribe.