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West Point, NY- One of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious military academies is adding a new course study that will be aimed towards the social media world. With Social media being the number one engagement tool in the world, it was only a matter of time before the West Point Military Academy made a move towards the digital, social, age. The course will help future veterans become social media giants by teaching them the finer points of social media engagement.

The course overview has key objectives that will be vital for future social media success. The objectives will include:

  • Ranting Techniques
  • Camera Placement in Vehicle
  • Clothing Choices;
  1. Cowboy Hat
  2. Veteran Owned Tee Shirt
  3. Flannel Shirt
  • Fitness Videos
  • Veteran Bashing
  • Blocking Techniques
  • Fundraising Options
  • Public Appearances at “conferences”
  • Meme Wars
  • How to Go Live on All Platforms
  • Celebrity Bashing
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These techniques are designed to help future internet “stars” make the most out of their veteran status while providing no actual contribution to the veteran community. Major Emmett Fitz-Hume of West point is the course director and creator of the program. “We live in a digital age where veterans need to express their point of views to the public. Their vast experience while serving this great nation in any capacity gives them a greater sense of knowledge over those who have never felt the brotherhood of military service. Social media is the best way to unite veterans and patriots about personal views of the host, while simultaneously putting down others in a non-combative form. If Joe Smith the retired Ranger tells you that a politician is great or a celebrity is a commie, you will listen. That is just a fact. We have a duty to this country after we exit the service to make our views well known. We served and others didn’t. That makes us vastly more important. We took and oath. They didn’t, so they should have to listen” Maj. Fitz-Hume explained. When asked about why this is even necessary, he explained. “If we don’t get our people out there expressing our views, this world is going to be overrun by leftist, commie, libtards, who will dumb down America and spread the views of peace, love, and ISIS. Not on my watch.”

“I never realized how important my opinions actually were until taking this course” explained Cadet Jim Richolds. “After my 8 years are up, I was planning to help take over my father’s construction business and volunteer for veteran organizations but now I see that sitting in my car and explaining the finer points of what it means to serve your country to hundreds of people is of far greater importance.

The program is currently reaching out to current internet stars to visit the classes and give a symposium about the finer points of social media fame and public engagement but no definitive dates or names have been set.

Written By: Jesse James

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