The Bet, Starring Rachel Alig

My whole life is a bet.

Rachel Alig has been one of our stars since the beginning, and we know our fans love her. So, we are more than excited to debut our new show, The Bet, where Rachel stars as a chauvinistic Sergeant in the Marine Corps who is struggling to support her deadbeat mother, then finds her potential ticket to financial freedom when she enters a high stakes bet using sex dice with some guys at the office. If that all sounds strange, well this is VET Tv.

Marines in the supply office often have to resort to some grungy ass back alley stuff to keep them entertained when they’re stacking boxes all day. Maybe you’ve played a high stakes game of something too after you blew all your cash on booze and hookers on that trip to Mexico. In The Bet, Rachel Alig stars as Sergeant Holiday, whose mom apparently has a homeless boyfriend (shoutout to Turner) and a penchant for letting her beautiful daughter in the Marines pay her rent. Even though Uncle Sam pays Marines like shit, Sergeant Holiday sucks it up and helps her mama out, but patience is running thin.

When Sgt. Holiday gets wind of an ongoing dice game some boys in the office are playing, she knows damn well she can outsmart a bunch of bros and starts visualizing the freedom without her mom mooching off her. Maybe she can finally afford a 96 in Vegas with her girl Corporal Marley (Jessica Mandala) instead of paying for her degenerate mother’s rent.

Release Schedule

New episodes of the series drop every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Here’s the schedule:

Episode 1: August 7, 2019
Episode 2: August 14, 2019
Episode 3: August 21, 2019
Episode 4: August 28, 2019
Episode 5: September 4, 2019
Episode 6: September 11, 2019

Meet the Cast

Sergeant Holiday (Rachel Alig)
Holiday is basically a bro trapped in a woman’s body, and she has pretty easily adapted to the United States Marine Corps. Functioning in a male-dominant world has definitely earned her some respect, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying to knock her down a peg. A lifelong risk-taker, she’s ready to do what it takes to keep her freedom, even if that means breaking a few hearts along the way.

Sergeant Burr (Miles Faber)
Burr has a sensational love of gambling, women, and the occasional rub and tug. He is a master manipulator that always manages to stay one step ahead of rules and regulations. Like many other people working in a USMC supply office, Burr enjoys passing along shop responsibilities to any colleague he can, especially his nemesis Sgt Holiday. Sly, braggadocios and charming, if Sgt Burr wasn’t in the Marine Corps, he would be an all-star used car salesman

Corporal Marley (Jessica Mandala)
Marley is a flower child in every sense of the word; she would stop traffic just to help a struggling kitten cross the road, and she’s into crystals, sage, and Alkaline water. Since her father served in the U.S Marine Corps she holds a lifelong desire to make her old man proud. She’s Sergeant Holiday’s best friend and moral compass, and believes all Marines would benefit from “Solarectals,” a new holistic remedy that revolves around solar charging your anus to recharge your “God Energy.”

Pfc Koontz (Zane Hudson)
The resident needy, spineless and nerdy dude who gets competitive when playing duels of Pokemon cards. He was raised by an overprotective grandmother and now has a strong foundation of social awkwardness. Mildly resembling a stalker of the wear-your-face type, Koontz is actually just an innocent guy with limited abilities and a broken leg from an improper “about-face” incident. He also seems to have a major crush on Holiday, making her life both easier and harder.

Gunnery Sergeant Castello (Steven Nemphos)
Thanks to a very Marine-like mentality of suppressing emotion, Gunny recently went through a tough divorce, but works hard to hide it by burying his face in work and ignoring his heartache. Distracted, puzzled and out of touch, his mind’s rarely actually at work, which Sgt Holiday and Sgt Burr use to their advantage to skip out on daily duties and responsibilities.

LCpl Livermore (Daniel Tolbert)
As a notoriously insecure guy, LCpl Livermore wants to keep his reputation with the guys around the office, so he is always trying to act like a badass, probably cheating on his girl, and definitely masturbating to pictures of himself at the gym. He’s a decent fella and a great friend, but the love of bragging and reliving his glory days might get the better of him.

LCpl Stanley (Will Cavitt)
Recently enrolling in Alcoholics Anonymous, LCpl Stanley is a mail clerk mainly just delivering mail and shipments to the supply warehouse. It has been a bumpy start since he decided to re-boot his life for the better, but has moments of strength from time to time. He is neat, composed and vulnerable, enjoys Fortnite and keeping things to himself. He also frequently leaves work early since he knows he has the only mail room keys.

Corporal Hertz (Amelia White)
Growing up in a strict household, Corporal Hertz always wanted to break free, but never really had the opportunity. Now as an adult in the military, she is a straightforward and badass woman, but still feels like she hasn’t completely found herself. Afraid of the thought that she’s secretly a freak, she attempts to repress those feelings by living in the shadows of others, but eventually something will make her really show her true colors.

Picture of Karen with Rat Dog

Karen, Holiday’s mom (Remy O’Brien)
Karen was a pretty promiscuous young woman and had Sgt Holiday when she was barely mature enough to wipe her own ass, which makes a lot of sense when you see how she is still depending on her daughter to pay rent. Her homeless boyfriend Rat Dog brings things to another level entirely, and the loving daughter Sgt Holiday is going to what she must to finally get her mother out of her hair.

Check out some behind the scenes videos of the other heroes behind the camera.

When you hear the sweet melodic voice of our actors on set, you can think this man, Ash Sutton! He is in charge of all of Production Sound. Perfectly captured and brought to your sweet ears via those knock-off Airpods.
Jason Zuidema has been working with VET Tv to bring you the greatest form of military entertainment. His roles are Set Decorator and Prop Supervisor. He’s basically in charge of making the place look real and managing all of the gear you see on screen. Listen to him talk about his experience buying a Play Girl for the most recent production, “The Bet”…it’s everything you want to hear about Behind the Scenes of a VET Tv production!
Behind the scenes of video production is kinda like running a platoon. You have a Platoon Commander – the Director, you have some squad leaders – Director of Photography, Art Department, Set Design, Sound, you have the specialists and the troops – Grip, Gaff, camera team, production assistants. And the one person leading the charge and carrying out the director’s vision and making sure everyone sticks to a timeline and a schedule is the Platoon Sergeant – That’s the First Assistant Director. That’s Jenna Verchota. She’s a boss. She runs a well-oiled machine and every time we work with her, we learn so much from her!

Get excited for The Bet! Let’s hear your feedback on what you love, what you didn’t, and what kind of games you play to keep your mind off the mundane life of a USMC supply office.

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