The Almost Serious Side of Vet Tv


IRREVERENT WARRIORS– You’ve seen our videos. You know what we’re about. But do you know about the non profit side of VET TV?
If you’ve been on facebook the last two years  you might have seen pictures and videos of hundreds of veterans wearing boots, rucks, and a questiona
bly thin layer of nylon separating man bags and lady parts from helpless civilians; marching through cities in silkies like an all-veteran-gay-pride-parade. And it’s worth noting, civilians cannot stop staring. And who can blame them? It’s a flesh-fest of motherfuckin’ freedom.


The mission of the non-profit, and these events, is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie, in order to prevent veteran suicide. Irreverent Warriors uses humor because the nature of military service requires men and women to use humor to get through difficult times. Humor is a comfortable coping mechanism for veterans, so it naturally helps them come together and heal together. Once veterans get together and experience a day full of laughter, connecting, and bonding, they create support networks that keep each other alive.

Irreverent Warriors is able to bring veterans together for face-to-face therapy better than any non profit in the country, so they use this opportunity to introduce veterans to other non-profits who can provide them with job placement, job training, financial assistance, therapy, service dogs, and more. You’ll find at least a dozen other non-profits and a handful of veteran owned businesses.

We bring veterans together to laugh, connect, bond, and support each other, while partying our asses off in Silkies. Doesn’t matter what branch you served in, you are welcome. Yes, even you Coasties.

So who’s coming to the next Silkies Hike?!

May 13- San Diego, CA
May 20- Lafayette, LA
May 20- Philly, PA
June 4- Denver, CO
June 24- Ft. Huachuka/ Sierra Vista, AZ
August 19- Manhattan, NY
September 9- Boston, MA
September 30- Washington DC
October 21- Savannah, GA
October 28- Ft. Campbell / Clarksville, KY

Don’t see a hike in your city? Host one.  Irreverent Warriors encourages veterans in their cities to host on behalf of IW and will guide you through the process. Maybe we’ll send Donny O’Malley to your city to hike with you and touch your butt, that guy’s pretty gay.

If you want to donate, become part of the solution, or RSVP, hit up

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