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[Series Premiere] Recruiters: Mission First

“The recruiting duty mission is to find qualified men and women who will contribute to the future of the Corps and our country.” – Marine Corps Recruiting Command

According to the Marine Corps, “qualified men and women” means:

  • Anyone with an ASVAB score above 32
  • Hasn’t done drugs
  • Zero medical issues

“Mission is the requirement to attain assigned shipping and quality contracting quotas by category and component on a monthly and yearly basis.” – Marine Corps Recruiting Command

So basically, the D.O.D gives recruiters these ridiculous quotas, much like cops when they write speeding tickets for going 2 MPH over the speed limit at the end of the month, recruiters start throwing morals out of the window in order to “make mission.”

So here’s the real breakdown in order to meet those quotas:

  • Anyone with an ASVAB score above 32 (cheating is allowed)
  • Hasn’t done drugs (lying about use is advised)
  • Zero medical issues (fake it till you make it)

In Recruiters: Mission First, when the recruiters are faced with losing their jobs if they don’t “make mission,” we realize the once professional and honorable recruiters are forced to disown their principles and morals and instead prioritize their job security.

Mission First – that’s the only thing that matters anymore.

Recruiters: Mission First Episode 1 VET Tv Episode 1: The King and the Butler

Marine Corps Recruiting Sub-Station El Cajon is in need of a replacement after a tragic event at a local high school career day, while strait-laced combat veteran, Staff Sergeant Butler, fresh out of recruiting school, gets his first taste of reality.

New episodes of the series drop every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Here’s the current schedule:

  • Episode 2: April 10, 2019
  • Episode 3: April 17, 2019
  • Episode 4: April 24, 2019
  • Episode 5: May 1, 2019
  • Episode 6: May 8, 2019

The Cast

Recruiters: Mission First

SSgt Michael Butler

Robert Walters as SSgt Michael Butler

Fresh out of recruiter school, SSgt Butler is heavy on morality, but he quickly introduces us to the BS that goes with being a Marine Corps recruiter. He’s also married, if that matters.

Harris as Henry

Alexander Harris as GySgt Obadiah Henry

GySgt Obadiah Henry seems like a nice dude, but really he’s just concealing his general shittiness with charming words and trying way too hard to be like the cool uncle for the poolees.

Rose Marie Guess as Sgt Thaddius

Rose Marie Guess as Sgt Isabella Thaddius

Sgt Thaddius is technically the most junior recruiter at the station, but she’s easily the most successful. That’s probably due to a bunch of dudes wanting to smash, but you gotta make quota either way right?

Hoffman as Jocelyn

Goldie Hoffman as Jocelyn Curtis

Ahh, Jocelyn. Our terminal poolee at the station who’s seemingly been around forever, but just graduated high school. She’s had some issues keeping her from shipping out, but she might have the best gig in the place anyway.

Baraka as McCoy

Havon Baraka as SFC Lenny McCoy

Timid, depressed and suffering a case of survivor guilt, McCoy is just trying to make it and ease the tense relationship with his horny wife.

Yaple as Elizabeth

Allison Yaple as Elizabeth Butler

SSgt Butler’s beautiful dependa who he met back in high school. She isn’t getting the fairy tale hero she had hoped for, but at least they are sort of trying, right?

Goins as Wellington

Jeff Goins as PFC Chad Wellington

Fresh out of MOS school, this junior Marine wants all the bitch ass poolees to know that he’s a Marine, and they aren’t. He abuses his power when he can, but the more reasonable people in the office know he actually has tiny balls.

O'Malley as King

Donny O’Malley as SSgt King

This custodian is always showing up at our productions asking to help because he’s a veteran, so we said fuck it and gave him a role.

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