Parody with a Purpose – San Diego Live Taping

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This past weekend was a monumental step for VET Tv. It was the first time we showed the world our content. Several hundred current and past service members showed up this weekend to see dark, military humor at it’s finest.

VET Tv’s first show, “Kill, Die, Laugh” was filmed in an old police station in San Diego. The building is run by Warfighter Academy, a veteran owned CQB training school who was gracious enough to allow us to use their space.

The filming took us 8 weeks, during which time we released small teasers that  the veteran community seemed to love, but when the doors opened for the live taping this weekend, all of our work was validated.

Here’s what some of our fans had to say.

“Holy shit bro, that happened to me!”

“I was wondering if anyone would ever make a show about some of that stuff. That’s the kind of stuff we talk about in our shop all the time.”

“Finally, someone willing to talk about the ridiculousness of the military!”

“I can’t believe how dark they went, but Donny really pointed out that although this shit is ridiculous, we need to figure out how to combat it.”

“Donny O’Malley ended each episode talking about a non-profit, I wasn’t expecting that. I guess I appreciated that part. I think it will really help the veteran community combat some of their demons.”

“They really made the point of reinforcing camaraderie amongst the community, it made me want to text my guys and make sure they’re ok. I know they have been going through some stuff. He’s right you know, human connection is important in our community.”

Every episode was raw, dark, and fucking hilarious. The auditorium was so over-run by laughter sometimes that they missed some of the punch lines. That was unbelievable. And that makes us even more excited for them to see the final products.

In the next couple months we are going to continue to edit the shows and hone our craft until the final products are the most perfect embodiments of military humor. Comedy Central and Netflix will come knocking on our doors soon enough, a few networks have already asked about us.

“Kill, Die, Laugh” is funny but it’s also meant to highlight how ridiculous some parts of the military can be. This is the real military, the “behind the closed doors” shit that the DoD, Military Channel, or or any ‘honorable’ and professional organization doesn’t want to advertise. Our goal is to change the culture within the veteran community. We end every episode with a non-profit that can help with the problem we just parodied.

“It’s Parody with a Purpose.”

– Donny O’Malley


We are looking forward to the live taping in Austin, TX. 

Who: YOU, dammit!
When: April 28-30
Why: to come together with other veterans and military service members



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