Great Moments in Barracks History

Great Moments in Barracks History


     4 guys and 4 girls party in a barracks room. Some of them
     smoke by the front door. 2 guys whisper about who they want
     to fuck. They high five, fist bump, cheers, and chug beers.
     Another guy does a keg stand, followed by one girl.

               At the A company, 1st battalion,
               501st infantry barracks, the party
               was raging into the late hours of a
               hot September night. The young
               infantrymen had been going hard
               since 4 o'clock in the afternoon,
               when they were released for
               liberty, after a 3 week field op.

     WS of Jason drinking a beer with a buddy as he checks out
     girls. CU’s of Jason looking left at a girls ass, then her
     face, then looking right at a girls ass, and then her face.
     He nods seriously.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               Jason Henderson, a SAW gunner with
               3rd platoon, had one thing on his
               mind. To put his still unwashed
               penis inside one of the 5’s at the


     Jason sits on a stool facing the camera.

               Look, I’ve been in the field 3
               weeks, and before that, I had some
               shit on my dick for like 2 weeks.
               So I haven’t smashed pussy in 5
               muthafuckin weeks. I’m tellin you,
               nothin’s out of bounds, cuz tonight
               is my night!
                    (Long beat)
               Oh, and don’t worry, that shit’s
               cleared up. So we’re good.


               Jason’s game was flawless as he
               moved the ball effortlessly down
               the field with a PFC from the
               nearby comm battalion.

     Jason talks to her, makes her laugh, hands her a shot, they
     drink together, he pinches her side, hands her a shot, they
     take it together and laugh.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               But moments before he sealed the
               deal, the opposing team’s toughest
               defender put the block on Jason.

     Rachel storms in with an angry and aggressive look on her
     face and walks up to the girl Jason is talking to.

               Stef, we need to leave. We’ve been
               here long enough.

               Are you sure? I kinda wanna stay.

               Stef, we’re going. I’m not leaving
               you alone.

               She won’t be alone, I’ll take care
               of her.

     Jason puts his arm around Stef.

               Umm, no, I’m not letting her go
               home with some creep.
                    (looks at Jason, then back
                     to Stef)
               Stef, lets GO!

     Rachel swipes Jason’s arm off of Stephanie, grabs her, and
     walks out.

               Lacking the liquid courage to fight
               off the defender, Jason took a loss
               and hit the sidelines to regroup.
               With no other options, Jason went
               back to the basics, giving himself
               the boost he needed to get back in
               the game.

     Jason watches them leave, he stares at her ass, shakes his
     head in disappointment, then turns to the counter, grabs a
     bottle of Leadslingers, and starts pulling from the bottle.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               Once back in the game, Jason
               observed the battlefield and ID’d
               threats everywhere.

     Jason looks at a guy hitting on a girl with a creepy face. He
     looks the other way and sees the same thing. Each decently
     hot girl has a bigger girl with her.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               With time running out, Jason’s
               first opponent came back onto the
               field for another play, but this
               time without her lead blocker.
               Jason used the oldest play in the
               book to get the ball from the 20
               yard line, all the way into the red
               zone. With things heating up in the
               pocket, Jason inched toward the end
               zone in style.
               But not before the opposing teams
               toughest defender came back out on
               the field for one more stop.

     Jason sees Stephanie walk into the room with a big smile on
     her face. Jason smiles in return. They hug and talk, then he
     offers her to chug the bottle of booze. She chugs the bottle
     while Jason watches on with glee. She puts it down and falls
     into him. They start making out and he fingers her from under
     her skirt. She loves it, Jason looks at one of his buddies
     with a big smile and holds up the shocker symbol. His face
     goes from excited to fearful when he sees Rachel running
     towards them in slow motion.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               Sensing defeat, and with the OOD in
               close proximity, the two time
               Fallujah champion, Jim Stanton,
               also Jason’s squad leader, came off
               the sideline just in time to make
               the Black Rifle Coffee, play of the
               day. Jim’s block on the defender
               enabled Jason to push through the
               D-Line and into the end zone for a
               game winning touchdown.

     Jason is still fingering Stephanie as he sees Rachel running
     towards him. The rest of the party looks over at Jason, then
     Rachel with fear. Out of nowhere, Jim Stanton steps in front
     of Rachel with two drinks in his hand and a big smile on his
     face. Rachel is immediately smitten by him. He puts his arm
     around her and walks to the dresser to talk. Jason walks to
     the bathroom with Stephanie and a big smile.

                          NARRATOR (CONT’D)
               For his efforts on that day, Jim
               Stanton was awarded the Army
               Commendation medal, with barracks
               V, for his selfless act of devotion
               to the United States Army, the
               fighting 501st, and his fellow
               soldier. This has been one of the
               great moments in barracks history.

     Jim makes out with and fingers Rachel in plain sight while
     everyone looks on. Rachel is in heaven.


     Last shot is of Jason sitting on the toilet and Stephanie
     riding him, hair in her face, then she falls off him into the
     bathtub, ripping the curtain down as she falls.

     Fade to Black

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