Elusive CWO5 caught on camera

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Amateur footage obtained by Vet Tv appears to show what looks like a Chief Warrant Officer 5 caught on camera with other fabled creatures in town near Camp Lejeune, NC.

A group of PFC’s and a recently demoted Cpl were at a local adult only entertainment establishment where they took photos with what appears to be A CWO5, Bigfoot, a Yeti, and a leprechaun. The group claims that what they saw was in fact the “real deal,” despite being heavily intoxicated. The men were there to console their former Sgt, now Cpl, after he was demoted for sending unsolicited dick pics to the base chaplain’s wife. The group had been there for several hours trying to gain access to the champagne room for a private dance but were told it was closed for a VIP party.

Being creatures of curiosity, the young PFC’s devised a recon plan to see the VIP party. One young PFC decided to take the fall and get himself get kicked out, while the others slipped behind the curtain. The young PFC jumped on to the stage closest to the VIP room, pulled out his testicles and shouted “DEEZ NUTS,” repeatedly. The security guard at the VIP entrance was forced to abandon his post to remove the young man. With the guard gone, another PFC moved into position to witness that which dreams are made of. The holy quartet of mythological creatures. He pulled out his phone and took pictures of the group, but the dark lighting rendered the pictures useless. Moments later he was tackled by security and removed from the establishment, but not before shouting to his peers what he saw.

The uncertainty of the claims and the corresponding photos only fuel the fire of speculation. Rumors of these mythological creatures have been around since the late 70s, but no claim has ever gone unchallenged.

Vet Tv went straight to the strip club, only to be told by the owner, “It’s just our fetish night. These young idiots drink like fish and can’t see straight. All they saw was our little person, bearded lady, and albino dancers. The gentlemen they were with is a regular and we will protect his identity,” explained owner Carl Driftwood.

No one can positively can confirm the claims. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the CWO5 is encouraged to email [email protected]

Written By: Jesse James

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