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Jessica Mandala has been a part of the VET Tv family for quite some time now, and she’s pretty obviously a fan favorite – just look at how many of her IG followers are military and veterans and one can assume our people enjoy her stuff. No, you won’t see her naked, guys, but you do kinda sorta see her pooping in episode 1. Despite the fact that women don’t poop, Jessica is an excellent method actor and really wanted to get into the role, so she took it to heart and figured how to make it look legit.

Devil Docs is about Jessica’s character HM3 Squibb, a Greenside Corpsman on Camp Pendleton, navigating a world of playboys and liars to earn her FMF pin.

The premise of Devil Docs:

Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3) Jessica Squibb (Jessica Mandala) is thrust into the new world of greenside BAS, where she reconnects with her old blueside companion HM3 Marco Luna (Fernando Rivera) while meeting her new LPO HM1 Fox (Donny O’Malley). Unbeknownst to Squibb, several other Devil Docs have been anticipating her arrival for various, some not so tactful, reasons.

On a quest to earn her Fleet Marine Force Pin, HM3 Squibb encounters some common issues for a woman entering a world of playboys, liars, and Marines. As each new obstacle comes up, Squibb has to decide to either face the issues head on, wait them out, or eat an extra pint of ice cream.

These guys above are some ACTUAL corpsmen who were generous enough to spend some time with us telling their stories and making sure we didn’t fuck shit up on set. Thank you sirs!

The reaction from fans has been amazing so far. Below is a picture from the world premiere we hosted at American Legion Post 365 in Vista, CA to celebrate the release of this series. Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed hanging with the cast, crew and staff of VET Tv. We can’t do anything without you all, so the support means the world. Much love brothers and sisters!

Follow HM3 Squibb as she goes through a whole bunch of ridiculous situations, including her boyfriend having an … interesting … side to him that causes some havoc at the BAS.

Release Schedule

New episodes of the series drop every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Here’s the schedule:

Episode 1: January 29, 2020
Episode 2: February 5, 2020
Episode 3: February 12, 2020
Episode 4: February 19, 2020
Episode 5: February 26, 2020
Episode 6: March 4, 2020

Episode 1 Trailer

Meet the Devil Docs Family

HM3 Squibb (Jessica Mandala)
On looks alone, HM3 Squibb ranks in the top 5 percentile of “hottest chicks” in the Navy. Couple that rare attractiveness with charisma and a great sense of humor, and you got perhaps the most sought after person in the military, let alone the Navy. Squibb leaves her boyfriend back in Norfolk and arrives in sunny San Diego to a regiment of Marines who’ve been expecting her arrival. Yet, no one has had Squibb’s in dock date marked on his calendar longer than 7th ESB’s much revered playboy HM3 Spencer…her fellow doc.

HM3 Ethan Spencer (Ethan Kirschbaum)
Spencer is a lovable fuckboy who lives by a strict set of rules … which he established himself. 50% of his life revolves getting women, the other 50% is convincing his co-workers to do what he says, not as he does. He’s great at his job, which keeps him under the radar. If he was sloppy, leadership would quickly find out he’s one of the biggest violators in the history of HIPPA. Spencer is the charming, handsome devil doc whose wit and game is unparalleled. Guys want to be him, girls want to do him. Hell some guys want to do him too, namely his BFF and fellow doc mate HM3 Jones – and openly gay alpha brother.

HM3 (ALPO) Marco Luna (Fernando Rivera)
We all know a HM3 Luna. Everyone has a friend who knocked up a girl he barely knew, then married her in a panic. HM3 Luna is a prime example of what not to do in your first term in the military. It’s ok though, Luna’s making his way up through the ranks, settling in as the BAS new ALPO as he prepares for the rank of second class. Everything is just peachy for Luna, healthy wife and newborn son, and his career seems to be headed in the right direction. That is until the arrival of his old friend from blueside. With Squibb and Luna back together, the balance of being the boss and the homie has never been harder for a BAS Assistant Lead Petty Officer.

HM1 (IDC/LPO) Fox (Donny O’Malley)
Sharp, quick-witted, oddly charming and most certainly arrogant, IDC Fox embodies all the characteristics of an IDC you love, and the ones you hate. Fox takes great pride in watching after his docs, watching after hot NCOs in the sick call lobby, and delivering bad news to irresponsible Marines. Fox is the type of IDC you want in your corner. He knows how to turn the other way when you simply need an IV hook up, and doesn’t mind scribbling his signature down for you if you had to cut corners with a patient to expedite the process. Make no mistake about it though, take your FMF studies lightly and HM1 will ride your ass until your cheeks get raw.

Chief Burke (Jonah Weston)
Only giving early promotions to the best kiss-asses instead of the docs who deserve it. Only worry about his career, and not the wellbeing of his docs. Making a living by putting everything on HM1 while taking all the credit. Actually none of the above is true of Chief Burke! Chief Burke is the type of Chief every Corpsman wishes they had. This laid back peoples’ champ actually cares about the advancements of his docs. When Chief is not busy kicking asinine Marines out of his BAS for loitering, he’s busy charming the socks of middle aged women, Chief Burke’s got it like that.

More shenanigans and sh*t from behind the scenes…

Monnie Aleahmad plays HM3 Jones, an openly gay and absurdly hilarious wingman to HM3 Spencer.
Malerie Stanley plays HM3 Davis, who is really not excited about HM3 Squibb’s arrival.
Maxwell Faulkner plays Lieutenant Roberts, a lovable and overly happy dude in Devil Docs.
Rachel Alig, fan favorite, amazing actor and human, getting in character for her Marine Corps Ball scene.
Rose Marie Guess, another huge favorite in VET Tv’s series, makes a special guest appearance in Devil Docs as well. Make sure to check out the series and see what Rose gets into.
Bruce Clifford, known from playing Staff Sergeant Rich in A Grunt’s Life, repping another enlisted Marine list a champ.

THE END! Check out Devil Docs now mofo.

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