Checkpoint Charlie Season 2

Turn in your gun…

Jack Mandaville, Rich “Angry Cops” Hy and Nathan Ing were absurdly electric in season 1 of Checkpoint Charlie, and our fans wanted more. Season 1 ended with Sergeant Butts (Jack Mandaville) dropping the mic on his time serving, moving on to greener pastures in the outside world. This time around, we catch up with big boy Sergeant Butts who is struggling to make it in civilian life with a girlfriend he can barely stand, a bullshit job at the TSA, a fetish for Call of Duty, and a haircut that would even make an 80s mullet blush.

Butts Middle Fingers
This is what Sergeant Butts thinks of my opinion on his haircut.

The general premise this season is that the guys are still Military Police (hahah) at Fort Stewart, with Corporal Laurence (Nathan Ing) and Private First Class Cena (Zane Hudson) as the main dudes out doing the grunt work. More shenanigans than ever pop up this season, including a drug and prostitution bust at Fort Stewart by Corporal Laurence and Private First Class Cera, and a new miserable 2nd Lieutenant Geoffrey Bridges (Jeff Goins) that Sergeant Dean (Rich “Angry Cops” Hy) has to step out of character in order to take down.

Greg Kelly Director
Director and fine piece of ass Greg Kelly wearing a shirt that has a wolf on it.

More than that, you’ll get a bunch of your favorite people like Charlie Classic, Karen (ig: exwifesart), Aram Choe, Cassady Campbell, Bre Ryan, Brojaq, Deputy Hook-em and Book-em, and even our HMFIC Donny O’Malley. Give a look at some shots below from production!

Bre Ryan (@xo_breanne_xo) stealing your valor.
Charlie Classic (@charlieclassic) and Karen (@exwifesart)
Jack Mandaville (@jackmandaville), Freedom Jerky is the only jerky.
Cassady Campbell (@cassadycampbell) repping the bright side of the bay, fuck your fog.
Rich Hy (@angrycops) wondering if this is Santa on St. Paddy’s day or one of those internet trolls the youths are talking about these days. #dontassumeitsidentity

Don’t you hate when a new OIC comes into the office acting like hot shit, even though he’s kind of a douche and has no real reason for making you do random stuff? Well, Sergeant Dean gets a healthy dose of doucheyness from the new 2nd Lieutenant, including making his guys wear those awful berets and bringing things to a new level for everything regarding sucking at being the boss.

Only a douchey 2nd Lieutenant would react this way to Bre touching him…

Follow Sergeant Butts as he goes through his inner turmoil and journey back to the military, and more than anything we just hope you people laugh your asses off, share with your buddies, and have a grand ole time reliving the glory days. Tell us some stories the show reminds you of, and let us know how we can make a season 3 the best damn thing to ever be made about the military.

Release Schedule

New episodes of the series drop every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Here’s the schedule:

Episode 1: September 18, 2019
Episode 2: September 25, 2019
Episode 3: October 2, 2019
Episode 4: October 9, 2019
Episode 5: October 16, 2019
Episode 6: October 23, 2019
Episode 7: October 30, 2019

Episode 1 Trailer

Meet the Checkpoint Charlie Family

Private First Justin Cera (Zane Hudson)
Aloof yet lovable, Cera comes from a poor white trash broken home, but chose at an early age to rise above his upbringing and join the U.S. Army. He fucks up … a lot, but his endearing nature and hard work ethic makes up for his misfortunes.

Corporal Nathan Laurence (Nathan Ing)
An infamous bust puts him in the spotlight with his partner/friend, PFC Cera. He’s squared away but still struggles toeing the line between friendship and leadership. He wants the admiration for his good work, especially from his father. All this going on internally leaves him unaware of the looming threat, which he’ll have to face head on.

Sergeant James Dean (Rich Hy)
We’ll see Dean in more of his desk/paper bitch element in this season. Dean and the new 2nd LT will butt heads because of the enlisted and officer dynamic and because the 2nd LT is a grade-A twat. Dean attempts to protect his troops from the bullshit of the LT all season.

Sergeant Dick Butts (Jack Mandaville)
After his time in service, Butts finds himself in a very dark place, working a miserable job and with a miserable girlfriend. This inevitably leads him to sign up for the Army Reserves. He’s astoundingly less shitty and pretty good at his subordinate role. He’s even willing to put his neck on the line for the people he cares about.

2nd Lieutenant Geoffrey Bridges (Jeff Goins)
Arrogant, but far from intimidating. He’s the embodiment of a shit eating grin, and someone you love to hate. His goal is to change the world, just for the sake of change. His power hungry nature goes too far, leading everyone in the office to despise him especially Sergeant Dean.

Ian and Charlie

Spc Trevor Williams (Ian Dick, left)
Following the loss of his brother, Zach, Trevor finds solace with the leader of the underground drug operation (Charlie Classic, right). After escaping the bust he secludes himself until coming back with a vengeance to get back at the people he thinks harmed him and his brother.

More shenanigans and sh*t from behind the scenes…

🍑 Bre 🍑
Specialist Trevor Williams (Ian Dick) and the drug kingpin (Charlie Classic) posing during the shooting of some funky ass drug scenes.
Jessica Mandala looks like she has a thing for Sergeant James Dean (Rich Hy) … who doesn’t?
Jack sad.
Momo says wassup.
“I think all those people over there are staring at my mustache” -Greg Kelly
Don’t hate the player hate the game kiddddd
Josiah Duncan, Director of Photography (we couldn’t come up with anything funnier than “using his head” which would be corny and dumb so we just wrote what we wrote)
Zane makeup
Real men scissor
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