Calling All Filmmakers


VET Tv is in the very unique and fortunate position of creating dozens to hundreds of opportunities for film makers to get paid doing what they love.

For many, the thought of making film is nothing more than a distant dream. For us, making film is our daily grind- and yes, I said grind.

Filmmaking is an incredibly challenging form of art and business. We work very long hours, we critique each others work constantly. Plans are changing more frequently than they did in the Marine Corps, and nothing is ever good enough.

Despite all this, making film is the most fun and gratifying form of work that we could ever be involved in. It requires more discipline, focus, and perseverance than anything I’ve experienced, to include warfighting.

Our mission at VET Tv is to recreate the military and veteran experience in a manner that makes the audience feel good. Generally, if we make the audience laugh, we’re going to make them feel good, so comedy is the way to our audience’s heart.

Since we’re making TV and film for a niche audience, it’s our job to live in the mind of our audience, through constant engagement and studying. We must learn who they are, how they think, what they want, and how they feel, in order to make things that they feel are made specifically for them.

We have a true relationship with our audience, and it’s very special.

If you have an interest in filmmaking, to include all of the disciplines of film:


Please email [email protected] with a portfolio of your work.

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