A.J. Frost Tapped as First Head of Space Corps

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Image Courtesy of NASA

Houston, TX- Oil tycoon and American hero, A.J. Frost, has been tapped by President Trump to lead the newest branch of the military, the United States Space Corps. Frost, who came to fame in 1998 as one of the surviving members of the “Dotti” asteroid disaster, has become a widely successful oil tycoon and has been a heavy player in helping develop the new branch that is set to officially begin on November 11, 2017.

In 1998 Frost was part of a 2 shuttle crew that redefined space travel by somewhat successfully landing on an asteroid that was roughly the size of the state of Texas. The two crews were comprised mostly of oil drilling crews and piloted/supervised by NASA pilot and Air Force Colonel, William Sharp and his team members. During the trip to the the two shuttles, Freedom and Independence, were severely damaged due to the heavy debris caused by the asteroid’s tail. Shuttle freedom was able to land safely and begin their task of drilling into the asteroid to plant their nuclear device, however, the Independence suffered too much damage on entry and crashed on a far side of the Asteroid. Frost was able to gather up the remaining crew that survived the crash and make it to the Freedom and their crew to assist with the drilling and ultimate destruction of the asteroid, thusly saving all of humanity. For his valiant efforts, him and the surviving crew were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton.

Crew of Freedom and Independence shuttles. Courtesy of NASA

Since his return, Frost has reinvented how drilling is accomplished. He has maintained a strong business-savvy approach and has become a literal tycoon in the industry. His list of accomplishments are quite impressive.

The list includes:

  • 1998- Saved planet and married Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv
  • 1999- Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • 2000- Patented new drill bit that revolutionized the industry
  • 2003- made his first billion dollars
  • 2005- purchased Exxon Mobil Oil Co.
  • 2010- Climbed Mt. Everest without the use of oxygen and base jumped from the summit
  • 2016- Was the money behind Trump’s successful Presidential run

In early 2017, Frost’s urge to re-enter orbit became the driving force for the new administration to take on a more active space role. He met with fellow asteroid survivor and Russian scientist, Lev Andropov, to bring the world into the 21st century of space travel. With Andropov’s brilliant mind and Frost’s money, the two have brought the once fictional “warp drive” to life. Traveling beyond our solar system is now a true possibility and with that comes the defense of our galaxy and our home. With exploration to other worlds with new life, there is no telling the advancement of their world or the peacefulness of it. To maintain safety, Frost urged NASA and government officials that a new branch was a vital necessity for the new discoveries and possibilities of this new technology.

President Trump could only think of one person with the “balls” to head this new branch and lead America into the new frontier. “A.J. is an American Hero” Trump stated “if I weren’t so amazing, I’d say he should be president.” Frost, who has been a man of few words, told us that he expects big things to come from his new position. “We’re gonna find oil on Uranus. You’re welcome.”

An official ceremony and press briefing is expected by late August of this year.

Written By: Jesse James

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